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Climbing Snowdon to Support Local Youth

30 June 2022

We caught up with Jasmine Barrett to learn more about the epic challenge she undertook to raise much-needed funds for us. Here’s what she told us:

Last month, me and two of my committed friends (Maddie Cobb and Ellie Dipple) climbed Mount Snowdon.

It took us 8 hours to go up the Llanberis Path and down the Miner’s Track; 8 hours which definitely taught us some lessons.

Lesson number one: we should have brought gloves.

Lesson number two: walking sticks work.

Lesson number three: you can’t trust the views at the bottom.

After a steep start, some amazing farmland views, history spots, and a couple of snack breaks, we were three or four hours in and looking at the rest of the climb with… reservations.

The wind had taken a sharp turn, blowing a continuous mist sideways, and providing about 5 metres of visibility. There were several times I told myself that we must be close to the top now, as we had been walking in the cloud for ages. That turned out to be accurate only after the fifth or so time I thought it.

Once we saw the sign for the Summit, we were relieved that we would soon be on the second half of the adventure, and hopefully descending out of the mist, but actually getting to the very top was, quite frankly, miserable. The last 30 minutes or so of the ascent was full of rocky stairs, getting blasted by the wind, and numbing cold, and the view at 1,085 metres up was… non-existent!

With only about 2 metres of visibility, there wasn’t much to see, and we couldn’t stop for long for fear of seizing up, so we managed to take some (unfortunate) selfies and quickly retreated.

The Miner’s Track was definitely steeper, and was perhaps a little risky with a cast on one hand, but I’m just glad we chose to go down it, rather than up! When we got below the cloud level though it was full of sights and varying views. Glaslyn, Llyn Llydaw, and Llyn Teyrn, are a series of lakes on the Miner’s Track which made for some amazing chances to stop and admire the view.

These stops on the way down were also a chance to reflect. Not only were we on the home stretch, the hardest part of the adventure over, but we had managed to raise £440 for Berkshire Youth, smashing the original goal of £157!

It is an amazing feeling to have been able to help a well deserving organisation like Berkshire Youth, especially when I got a firsthand glimpse into the amazing work they do.

I was invited to meet Julie and Kelly at Waterside Centre and see their facilities where they carry out services, activities, and clubs for young people. From offering free meals when they can, holding boxing and climbing sessions, to their outreach activity, and friendship building, they provide such a range of services for local youth. We’re thrilled to have been able to support them and share their work.

I’m glad to have been able to experience something so out of the everyday and learn a lot about my own resolve and mental resilience. Thank you, Berkshire Youth, for being such an involved and supportive force for our little trio!

Do you agree with us that Jasmine and her friends are incredible? You can still donate to their JustGiving page here.

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